Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is Really Happening in the Agile Community: Beyond the Rhetoric

International Association of Software Architects
You've likely heard a lot about agile software development over the past few years, and some of it may even be true. Did you know that agilists are just as likely as traditionalists to write documentation? That the vast majority of them invest time in up-front requirements and architecture envisioning? That agile teams of several hundred people have successfully shipped software into the marketplace? That agile has a measurably higher success rate than traditional approaches? That people are succeeding at combining agile strategies on globally distributed teams? In this presentation, Scott Ambler, Practice Leader of Agile Development at IBM Rational, shares results from surveys run over the past three years by Dr. Dobb's Journal and strategies for scaling agile techniques to the real-world situations that you face. Find out what's really going on out there in Agile Land!

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