Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How not to use FaceBook

Aaron Brazell
The spam is a nifty little trick where you publish an event, group or picture of a product, service or event. Pretty typical Facebook activity, really.

Spamming PR people then use Facebook’s “tag” feature, something that is more in context for photos where you can tag someone that is in the photo and they receive a notification that they’ve been tagged. People like me are tagged in Facebook content where we have no context with the expectation that we will be notified of the content (event, whatever) and will click through and maybe cover their product.

So. Not. Cool.

This flack doesn't have a FaceBook account; but as I am in the custom of aggressively tagging things on every topic on which they could conceiveably be searched, this is the sort of error I might have made. Not now. Thank you Brazell for explaining why this is not such a hot idea.

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