Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blog around the Potomac

Shamun Mahmud writes about Security Requirements in Government Cloud Computing and alerts us to the creation of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, and the Cloud Security Alliance.

Van Ristau writes about Ransomware.

Kendall Clark describes the latest work on Stardog (an RDF database), now with SPARQL 1.1.

Jay Selway talks about the complexity of simplicity, including an important principle of mine, "No jargon or compu-speak.

Richard Greco reminds of the risks of unsecured smart phones. Infographic: 20 Years of Technology Innovation

Ronan Wisdom talks about using RFID for healthcare compliance.

David Sprott advises us not to treat business audiences as dummies when we explain Service Oriented Architecture (or anything else for that matter).

Lastly the brilliantly named Flack Ops talks about the curious case of the memo sent out by the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, and the best take yet on the recent Presidential election.

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