Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Twitter transformed customer service

Technology support is notorious for its poor quality. Early on in the history of the Internet management decided that customer relations was not a core function of a company and that it could be outsourced. The consequence of this was that customer service was reduced to statistics, how many calls were handled and how quickly were issues resolved. Much hung upon the definition of resolved.

Whether technical support of billing issues, customers were confronted with telephone trees that were as time consuming as they were confusing. Technical support became the subject of bitter humor. Everybody knew it was bad, but since everyone had horrible customer support companies could get away with it.

Until Twitter.

All of a sudden your company's horrible customer service became a public embarrassment. At first PR people where hired to handle customer service issues on Twitter, until companies figured out that Twitter had to be integrated into their customer service response.

But what companies have still failed to comprehend is that customer service is a core function of any company. Customer service is public relations, it is how your company relates to the public and how the public experiences your brand. If customer service is poor your brand suffers.

When your company outsources customer service, and makes clear that customer service is a dead end job for employees with no future in the company, you are saying that customers are not important. The larger implications of Twitter customer service issues have yet to be understood.


Francisco Dental said...

But what companies have still failed to comprehend Is that customer service is a core function of any company.
It is absolutely true and should have our utmost attention.
We live for our clients and we devote increasingly greater attention if we want to keep and gain new.
Best wishes.

Esesem said...

The customer services is the encapsulator of all kind of products and services. No matter what you promote and sell, customer services is a vital part to make your products in front of customer door, repeat orders, and leverage. Regards from SSM.