Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Mark Mandel's take on AIIM 2004

The current issue of The Capitol Image has Mark Mandel's review of the recent AIIM show.

Some of NCC-AIIM’s board members received individual recognition:

Company of Fellows

David Noack was recognized as an AIIM Fellow for his contributions over many years.  The Company of Fellows honors individuals in the association who merit recognition and distinction for their outstanding contributions to the Enterprise Content Management industry. Members of the Company of Fellows become lifetime members of the Association.

Also inducted into the Company of Fellows was former board member Pricilla Emery.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals whose outstanding service advanced Enterprise Content Management technology through AIIM chapters, national, or international standards development, or other committee activity.

From NCC-AIIM, two individuals were recognized:
Dalton Luz, Politec, Inc. – NCC-AIIM VP of Programs
Carolyn Offutt, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – NCC-AIIM VP of Education

Congratulations to all.

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