Monday, November 29, 2004

Colonial Williamsburg

I spent Thanksgiving weekend touring Colonial Williamsburg. It is an enchantingly beautiful and fascinating place. If there had been time I would have gone to Yorktown battlefield park and Jamestown, which are both nearby.

Their presentation has changed since I was a child; they now acknowledge the presence of slavery and its role in our history.

George Wythe lived just two houses away from the Governor’s Palace. You can only wonder what it must have been like for poor Governor Dunmore to look out his window, only to see Jefferson’s horse outside of Wythe’s house and imagine what sort of plotting was taking place there.


Bryan said...

Glad you liked my hometown, Williamsburg. Come back in my when the Queen of England visits Jamestown for the 400th year celebration.

Alice said...

Wish I could. I'm sure Gov. Kaine will do us proud.