Monday, November 29, 2004

Tech on the Potomac

When people think of technology they think of Silicon Valley, Massachusetts Route 128, or North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Few think of Greater Washington, yet the original Univac was developed for the Census Bureau. The miniaturization necessary for the modern laptop came out of NASA. The Internet came out of the Department of Defense APRA net.

Part of the purpose of this blog is to chronicle the technology scene of greater Washington and give readers a chance to learn about the important work that is done here. Here is a review of Technoflak’s reporting on local technology events:

Federal XML Work Group:

Government XML Community of Practice (not Technoflak’s reporting)

Federal XML Work Group, July 21st meeting

Federal XML work group (from the minutes)

XML Work Group, May 18 Meeting


Tony Byrne of CMS Watch at NCC AIIM

Timothy Sprehe explains Technical Report 48

Mark Mandel’s take of AIIM 2004

AIIM 2004 Show Wrap

DC XML Users Group:

July Meeting of DC XML Users Group

March Meeting of the DC XML Users Group

Northern Virginia Java Users Group:



Everybody is a Public Figure

Independent PR Alliance:

Useful Communication Technologies


Process Improvement Basics

Model Driven Architecture: From Theory to Practice, From Promise to Profit

Security changes everything

Developing Secure Software

Six Sigma & Process Improvement

Yorktown High School Libre Users Group:

Richard Stallman

MIT Enterprise Forum:

Where Will the Money be Spent?

MIT Enterprise Forum

Mid Atlantic TAWPI:

In memory of Herbert Schantz

How to Design a Form for Effective Automatic Character Recognition (from the minutes)

Northern Virginia IEEE:

Dr. Gary McGraw on exploiting software (not technoflak’s reporting)


The Spectacled Bear goes to the DC XML Forum (not Technoflak’s reporting)

Civil service IT humor (not Technoflak’s reporting)

Tech Tuesday: Computer Guys Live at FOSE


Chris said...

Please don't forget the User Group I founded but is now run my Joel Burton, Zope Plone User Group, DC.

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