Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas vs. Cynicism

Happy Holidays, does that sound like fighting words to you? Believe it or not to some people it does. Such is the quality of our times.

When I first heard about O’Reilly ranting against Macy’s for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, I assumed that Macy’s had declined to purchase advertising in any NewsCorp property and this was Murdoch’s crude revenge. When the meme spread to other outlets, I decided it must be an orchestrated effort to manufacture conflict by those who profit from manufactured conflicts. I am surprised that the usually discerning Jim Horton did not recognize the tell-tale signs of our profession at work.

It is all just part of the age old conflict between those, irrespective of faith, who regard God as a club to be used on other poeple, and those who regard God as a light to show us the way.


CG-59 said...

I feel very strongly about this issue as well. For me it is a question of political correctness stamping out all religon.

I belive that we should be able to live in a free society where we have the courage to wear our convictions on our sleeves, and let people deal with us as we are.

If I were to wish anyone a Merry Christmas, I would not be offened if they returned witha greeting from thier religon. What does bug me is the idea that we should be milk-toast, and that freedom of expression is ultimately squelched by political correctness.

Alice said...

Merry Christmas CG-59, don't let the Happy Holidays get you down.