Tuesday, January 18, 2005

PowerPoint Annoyances Needed for New Book

From the CPCUG Consultant/Entrepreneurs Discussion List:

Dear User Group Leader:

According to Microsoft estimates, at least 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made every day. The program has about 95% of the presentations-software market. And yet, it drive audiences and presenters crazy! To relieve the stress, O'Reilly is pulling together a new book called "PowerPoint Annoyances" and, once again, we'd like your help! As you might guess, "PowerPoint Annoyances" ponders the problems, snarls, quirks, bugs, and just dumb things about PowerPoint. The annoyances will encompass a range of topics: tables, charts, backgrounds, colors, fonts, animation, sound, video, projectors, and more.

If any members of your group have annoyances they'd like to see solved, have them email marsee[@]oreilly[.]com with "PowerPoint Annoyances" in the subject line. Just have them note what version of PowerPoint and Windows they're using.

As always, thanks for sharing.


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