Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Association portals

Organizations appear to be moving from traditional websites to portals. Portals are better suited to aggregating content, build community and allowing chapters and members a chance to showcase their own content. This came to mind when Scott Abel sent me the link to CM Pros:

CM Pros is a membership organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, practices, and strategies. We seek to improve content management practices within all organizations by:

- Collecting, developing, organizing, and delivering peer-vetted knowledge.
- Educating ourselves and those we work with on the key issues of content management.
- Fostering interaction among content management professionals, enterprise leadership, product vendors, and university educators.
- Identifying, refining, publicizing, and advocating respected content management practices.

It is very similar to my client, the International Association of Software Architects.

An individual can use a portal to demonstate leadership is his field, see Shahid Shah’s HITSphere.

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