Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Enterprise search and public portals

i411 Discovery Engine Deployed on Brazilian Government Search Portal

"We knew that our users had difficulties with search and navigation when they sought information from the portal of Federal da Justica and that the users could not always trust and rely on the search results. To solve this problem, we looked in the marketplace for a search-based solution that would allow the integration of all information in one single search results page, independently of how the original data was stored and maintained. We also required software and technology which would be easy for our internal technical team to work with. We found all these facilities in the i411 technology, and, through a rigorous enquiry process, we have duly certified the solution," said Francisco Paulo Soares Lopes, TI & Telecommunications Secretary of Conselho Federal da Justica - CJF.

I think governments will lead the way in developing user-friendly enterprise search. Citizens will demand it.

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