Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So how can corporations participate in social media?

BL Ochman

- Sponsor existing content that relates to your product or service. Sports-related companies would be smart to sponsor this MySpace page content
- Run contests employing social media. Marketing should be fun!
- Use a MySpace page to create a forum for community interaction on a real issue


Stan Vornovitsky said...


Do we really want business firms to sponsor content published by individual bloggers? Would we still be as interested in reading someone's blog now that we know that this blogger is more concerned with catering to potential sponsors than with expressing his or her unique thoughts?

On the other hand, maybe we'll just need to think of a better model which (1) would allow business firms to sponsor content, but at the same time (2) wouldn't jeopardize the quality of that content.

Alice said...

Consider that you are reading a blog authored by a self-described flack, yes, people will read sponsored material if it is true, relevant and compelling.