Friday, September 01, 2006

Dundee at one

Today my collie dog turned one. I’ve had him since January. Collies are celebrated for their sweet, placid, affectionate personalities and Dundee is no exception. My previous dog was a pomeranian mix, a very vivacious dog. It is quite a contrast. Both breeds have their charms; but I am really enjoying the collie.


Paull Young said...

Why the name Dundee Alice?

I had a Collie while I was growing up. Do you find it charming that children always run up yelling 'Lassie!'?

Alice said...

When I was a child I had a collie named Dundee. I got a collie in part because I was nostalgic for my childhood collie. I think my parents picked out the name because of a Dundee brand marlmelade. I guess you know that Dundee is a city in Scotland and collies are a Scottish breed.

Lassie (actually Pal) has made a movie star out of all collies, it is part of the pleasure of owning a collie.