Friday, September 01, 2006

I want to know how to leverage the IASA to help grow my company’s business.

That is the question Nicole Tedesco asked my client, Paul Priess, the founder of IASA. She wrote a very entertaining description of their meeting and it captures the spirit of technology associations.

“But if my company is going to spend money on me doing ‘architecty’ things, then they have every right to know what return they will receive on their investment.”

Paul rose, ostensibly to worm his way to the parking lot where he could grab a quick cigarette hit, but he couldn’t resist making some points while standing up, just before he left. (What a showman!) “How much would it cost to spin up internal education for your architects? How long would it take? How likely will it be that you will be successful? Now, if you could borrow a pre-packaged curriculum from the IASA, how much would that be worth to you?”

It is a very important part of technology and one that is not sufficiently reported in my opinion.

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