Saturday, December 29, 2007

New to me local tech blogs

From the DC Technology Group:

Web Consulting Washington DC, It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Dr. DigiPol
Nick Whitmoyer
Diplays Awesome Dot Com
Blue Screen Joy - A Software Tester's Journey; The first step to making something better is to point out what is wrong with it. Blue Screen Joy is Andy Roth's blog about the pursuit of quality in software, technology, and life.
3 Dog TV
Will Brown is Online
Marketing Conversation
East Coast Blogging
The Adventures of Andrew Lee; Entrepreneurship, Encounters, Exhortation
Just - ideas and development for the life of your website
Paul's Web Space 2.0; Politics, Culture, Technology
James Marantan Software Architecture Blog; A blog about Software Architecture, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, Oracle, GIS, CAD, Security, Policies, Workflows, Project Management, and Business.
Forum One Tech Blog
Red Bloguera
The Commute from Hell; A personal blog by Michael Tolosa
Dito’s SEO Strategies, SEO, Search Marketing, Google, and more…
Leslie Bradshaw, a blog about life in DC
product four
Kristen Taylor blog
The Montoya Herald; coming soon to a blogroll near you
Challenges; Challenges is the personal weblog of Marc Benton. Marc is an IT guy with over 15 years of professional experience in government and private business in the Northern Virginia region.
LitheBlog: Exploring Lean and Agile
My Adams Morgan
centricle: home of the internet's Kevin Smith
The Reinvented Blog; about the digital world and how it impacts design, communication, and thought
Ryan J Powell
Software Craftsmanship
The Officially Official Blog of Searchles
EliteFrontier; Rodney Degracia’s technical and paste blog
dambalah; thoughts of a haitian hacker…
Web Consulting Washington DC; It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
The Lack Thereof
John F Croston III; “It’s only words and photos on the internet”
Eric Austin Litman’s Weblog; Internet entrepreneur and evangelist.
MPL's blog, Evangalist making marketing & the Internet work together
The Qloud Blog
corey brown’s blog
Manifest Density
With The Band, Notes on Tech, Social Media, and Entrepreneurship … Are you with the Band?
dready blog v2.0
Incessant Rantings
ryan moede :: social media, Emeging thoughts on social media
Walking Along My Path
Andy Rankin, Nobody is Listening
Software Sports
Conrad's Blog, A blog about the Science of Knowledge Representation
Alex Eagle's weblog, Thoughts on software development, Java, life, work, smart programmers, and things I think are awesome.
Brian Wynne Williams, thoughts, observations, and commentary from an entrepreneur / CEO / husband / dad / consumer / producer / fan / advisor / participant
Rockcreek Software
Inflexion Point
modulus, Matt Bowen's periodically published comments on content, communications, and code.
15 Meanings, Finding the Meaningful in the Meaningless
David Russell
Bad Ass Ideas, We built this blog on rock and roll
kgiff - The Unofficial facebook blog
Nerd Meridian, Or the evening geekiness in the East
Clearspring Community Blog
JOBMATCHBOX, Jobs, Job Hunting, Hiring and Social Networking, My writing is gold!
siliconsoul, The simple ramblings of a geek
Maryland Media
Doug March, design, development and music intelligence


Ernesto said...

Great list. Delighted to be on it as well.


Samantha said...

Thanks for including me on this list. I look forward to browsing through many of these blogs! Great to see them organized in a list i can quickly click through.

Alice said...

I am in the process of putting them all on the Tech on the Potomac RSS reader.

Kristen said...

So helpful! Thanks for the include--

Chris said...

Thanks for the add. This is a great resource!