Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rule of the digital mob

In the immediate after math of the verdict against Pirate Bay their supporters conducted a denial of service attack against The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Now they are attacking the law firm who represented the industry.

Who will be next? And where are the champions of net neutrality? Can they not understand that censorship by the mob is as much censorship as that by cable providers?


Anonymous said...

What, you mean stealing is... wrong?!

Suricou Raven said...

The internet mob never hangs around for long. They'll tire in a week, at the most.

Alice said...

Anonymous - what would I know? I am just a PR hack.

Anonymous said...

They get to pal around concocting anti-competitive practices so they can keep cramming their crappy music down our throat (and trust me, it's a market position thing, not a sales thing), so hackers get to pal around and make them answer to natural law since the governments their in bed with won't.

Seems simple enough to me, to be honest.

(Also, most people can agree on what stealing is. We, as a society, are having a very hard time agreeing on the role that copyright should play. They are not the same thing, and it is an objective fact that only idiots go around saying that.)