Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Social Match Box DC

I went to the spring Social Media Matchbox DC. As we came in we registered by giving our name and email and were given small gadget which would enable us to exchange information electronically. This process created a bottleneck and I think it would be quite unmanageable with a large crowd. The makers of this system, mingle 360, were the first to speak. They intend to market their system to the hospitality and event industries. At the end of the event you turn in your minglestick (Can’t you just hear the jokes on late night comedy if this device catches on?) and they send you the data from your minglestick. The event was held on Thursday April 2, on April 7 I received an email with a link and an explanation as to how to access the data from my mingle stick. This does not strike me as an improvement upon the traditional paper business card.

Some additional highlights:
Innovative Query appears to have an intriguing way to link documents. I hope to have the opportunity to hear from them again, either at Web Content Mavens or NCC AIIM.

Sharememe offers a way for a single group to use their mobile phones to share social media links across different social media platforms.

PageLime playfully announced that their content management system was buzzword compliant.

Whenever I go to events nowadays I constantly meet people who say “Oh you're PrestoVivace on Twitter or “I’ve read your blog.” To me this is one of the chief benefits of social media. It serves as a letter of introduction and makes events so much more productive from a business networking point of view.

Kim Hart of the Washington Post reports on the evening’s events.

Network Solutions' report.

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Thanks for joining us at our most recent event. Be sure to check out the post presentation interviews that Dawn Casey conducted and photos up on website.