Monday, October 05, 2009

Network Solutions Grow Smart Business Conference

Congratulations to the entire Network Solutions team for putting on one of the best conferences ever. The conference was devoted to small business and it was full of practical tips. As befits an Internet company, much of the discussion surrounded the ways small businesses can use the Internet.

Clearly designed as a product launch, the conference introduced Network Solutions products and services for small business. Wisely, Network Solutions commissioned a survey of small businesses to discover their problems, and how successful companies were solving those problems. Network Solutions took that data and built a product based on their research. Having built their product, they designed a spectacular conference as a launch vehicle (this is the sort of thing big business can do well if they so choose).

Network Solutions’ small business package will be available at end of October. It will provide professional looking websites for a very competitive price. I predict they will do extremely well with it.

Roy Dunbar opens the conference.

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Steve said...

Thank you Alice for the shout out and thrilled to note that you found the GrowSmartBiz conference extremely valuable. We do hope that you understand the conference is not about Network Solutions, it is about the small biz community. Since we are in the business of helping entrepreneurs build their business online and understand their challenges and needs, it made perfect sense to make this conference happen! Thanks again for your support and participation!