Thursday, December 23, 2010

PR blogosphere

I miss the sense of ocmmunity we used to have in PR blogosphere. When I first started blogging there were only a handful of PR blogs and it was possible to read all of them. As our numbers swelled, Constantin Bastura created a Blogdigger Group of all the PR blogs that he knew of. It was great, the most recent entries floated to the top, so you had a sense of the PR zeigeist. You could so a search on a topic so you could see what your fellow PR bloggers were saying about it.

There was also a PubSub listing of top PR blogs, which created a lot of competition in both good and bad ways.

Now there is the Advertising Age list of Marketing Communications blogs. It is useful for research purposes, but does not build community the way the old Bloggdigger list did. The closest thing we have to community nowadays is the For Immediate Release FriendFeed Room. Pleasant, informative, but not the same.


Shel said...

That's pretty much how I felt after the Web opened up and the community on the CompuServe PRSIG dispersed. Nothing was as cohesive as the PR & Marketing Forum, when there was just one place in the entire online world for communicators to gather.

Tom Murphy said...


First up I think it's great that the number of PR people sharing information and opinions has mushroomed, but I also agree with you, that the sense of community has evaporated.

There are some good conversations taking place but overall it's less satisfying than it was.


Octavio Rojas said...

I have mixed feelings.
I agree with you that years ago PR blogs were kind of an open society, but small, where everything was within our reach.
Now, there are a bunch of blogs, media, twitter, FB and dozens of applications that makes us feel like that our community was not diluting but being overflowed.
Nice keep reading you after all these years.