Wednesday, August 18, 2004

AIIM 2005 Conference

May 17-19, 2005 Philadelphia, PA


AIIM International is looking for qualified speakers to deliver presentations at the AIIM 2005 Conference. If you are an end-user, an industry expert, a consultant or analyst on an industry topic, a solution provider willing to present with a client, or any combination of the above, we are interested in reviewing your submission.

Please carefully review the following instructions before submitting your abstract:

(1) Selection preference will be given to end-user, analyst and consultant speakers followed by speakers from vendor/supplier companies. Speakers from vendor/supplier companies must co-present with an end-user client. This client must be identified by name and company within the original submission.

Here is a great PR tip. Encourage your best customers to be speakers at industry conferences. Resist the temptation to grab the spotlight. Never doubt that if your customers look good, you look good.

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