Friday, August 06, 2004

Security, Privacy and RFID

Via our good friend Privacy Digest

Report exposes potential RFID weaknesses

A leading consultancy firm has warned that the widespread adoption of RFID could open up the door to a range of potential scams, resulting in huge losses for retailers and manufacturers, writes Anthony Fletcher.

The report, from Forbes, suggest that while bringing huge potential benefits in terms of traceability and access of information, there are still flaws in the concept.

For example, a consumer wishing to pay less for a product could alter the price of a particular product by taking out a hand-held personal digit assistant (PDA) equipped with an RFID reader and scanning the product’s tag. He could then replace that information with data from the tag on, say, a €3 carton of milk.

If the checkout stand is automated, then the store's computer system will be none the wiser.

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