Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is it worth it?

Appeals court stews Apple over blogger rights

The State of California Court of Appeal gave Apple Computer's attorney a particularly hard day in court yesterday over its attempt to force the ISP of an Apple news site to hand over the email records of bloggers it claims revealed trade secrets. Apple has issued a subpoena for the records to find out who leaked the information to the bloggers.

... However, the three-member judiciary panel in the Appeal court was reportedly far less sympathetic to Apple's cause than the judge in the lower court, aggressively firing tough questions at its attorney.

Much of the criticial questioning centred around Apple's alleged reluctance to fully pursue its own internal investigation to discover the source of the leak within the organisation. Apple has reportedly not subjected any of the employees involved with the Asteroid project to lie detector tests or questioned them under oath.

So Apple is playing the heavy for what? If Apple wins in court, what will ti win? The reputation of being the corporate Republic of Fear?

What is worth to PowerPage? Was the story of a premature new product announcement really worth all the legal costs of this fight? It is not like this is about NSA whistleblowers after all.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to reach an out of court settlement?

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