Friday, April 07, 2006

OS religious wars

Bill Hilf blog attracts anti-Microsoft posters

Microsoft's Linux expert has launched a company sanctioned blog in an outreach attempt to the Open Source community but all it seems to attract are irate anti-Microsoft posters.
Hilf says the unmoderated blog called Port 25 at is intended to promote open communications between his interoperability team and the Ipne Source community. "As someone who has many hours at the command line, debugging things such as protocol states (LISTENING?) and getting software and servers working to provide some type of service, the concept of server ports and being open is well engrained in how I and the team here in our lab think about communications – so we thought it was applicable to how we want to start the dialogue around this subject. I guess it just took a Slashdot interview and a couple thousand emails (and consistent nudging from friends) to really drive the point home that having a participative discussion around OSS and Microsoft technologies is a good thing, not –as many people may believe- something we want to ‘hide’ or shy away from."

Despite Hilf's stated good intentions, however, a quick perusal of the blog, which commenced on 28 March, shows that the posts are almost exclusively anti-Microsoft rants by unimpressed users.

Must be very confusing for some when Microsoft goes off script.

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