Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jerk alert

Buzz Bin
Here’s an unfortunate incident: Men behaving badly, particularly in the comments arena. In a blatant case of misogyny, several men take to task women marketing bloggers trying to set up a top twenty independent PR Power women index. The boys got so bad that Valeria Maltoni had to shut down comments on her post.

Unbelievable. A woman blogger celebrates the work we are doing and some jerks feel a need to put her down. Sad. Just plain sad.


Geoff_Livingston said...

Quite disappointing. More coming soon.

Lewis Green said...

Also, not true. Read the post and you will see it has nothing to do with putting anyone down. I should know: I wrote the post and my feelings come out of 40 years of protest, marching and lobbying for civil rights, including women's rights. The post relates my feelings that doors should not be closed to any group of people, and that is what the women's movement was about--men's only doors. So when I see anything closed to people based on gender, color or ethnicity, I feel a need to speak up, which is what I did.

Cam Beck said...

I can't comment on what caused Valeria to shut down comments on her blog, since I didn't see it and there is no record of anything offensive on there anymore, but to use the word "misogyny" to describe the comments on Lewis' blogs makes me believe you need to consult a dictionary.

No one was putting Valeria down. The topic was simply brought up for discussion and critical analysis. Last I checked, that was still considered a valuable exercise, and your accusations (particularly the misogyny one, as it applies to me) borders on libel.

Alice said...

A woman blogger creates a list of female bloggers who she believes are doing a good job and you feel excluded? Good grief.

Geoff_Livingston said...

A civil rights advocate who writes headlines like "Throwing a Bomb at Women." How loving.