Monday, October 08, 2007

Web services adoption

Alan Pelz-Sharpe
I think Business Process Management, ILM (cradle to grave management and archiving of content), and enterprise-wide content security will all play well in Peoria.

But, Web 2.0 (including wikis), granular-level Web Services, and multi-tenant SaaS options will all likely have a tougher time at the box office.

It's not a matter of whether an idea or technology is good or bad, it's whether it has a chance of success. I think free beer and world peace are pretty solid ideas, but they get don't seem to fly too well in practice.

Clearly I am missing something. I would have thought that Web Services would have seen widespread adoption by now; precisely because it allows companies to glue together otherwise incompatible legacy systems.


alan pelz-sharpe said...

Web Services yes - but granular level web services no. My point is that the concept of Web Services is very real and happening - but when you get past larger 'chunked' services and into smaller and smaller services it just doesn't add up.

Hopefully that makes some sense :-)


Alice said...

I seem to recall Tony saying something about the high cost of maintaining a very granular level cms system, and that there was a speciality "up-chunking" consulting area, but did not realize that applied to Web Services.

Truthfully as a flack I struggle with this stuff all the time.