Friday, February 01, 2008

The case for social media for Government Contractors

This is a response to Andrew Wright’s Tweet:

@GeoffLiving the gov't contractors I know get so bogged down in RFPs, Soup vehicles, GSA schedules. Until someone demonstrates SM value.....

Government contracting, even more the most sales, is all about relationships. Social media, blogs, microblogging, etc., is an economical way to reinforce existing relationships and establish new ones.

Moreover, as Debbie Weil put it during our appearance on Federal News Radio, it’s all about search. Blogs, even obscure ones, are search engine friendly. Blogging, and linking to partners in your industry, will help build organic search results that are friendly to your company.

Presto Vivace, Inc. will be giving an audio conference on Social Media for Government Contractors on February 22. We look forward to speaking to this blog’s readers.

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