Wednesday, May 14, 2008

e-discovery blogs and wikis

Via E-Evidence Information Center:


Windows Incident Response
Harlan Carvey

int for(ensic) {blog}
Andreas Schuster

Computer Forensics Blog
Jamie Morris

Computer Forensics/E-Discovery Tips/Tricks and Information
Mark McKinnon

Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis & Digital Investigations
Lance Mueller

Forensic Incident Response

Didier Stevens on Forensics
UserAssist Research

8 bits Forensishc [in Dutch]
Use Google Translate to view

A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator

Oracle Forensics
Paul M. Wright

Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Forensic Pagefile
Not much yet; hopefully...

Forensic Computing
Mike Murr

Ride the Lightninng
Sharon Nelson
Alexander Geschonneck

Mariusz Burdach Blog
Marwan Al-Zarouni and Salvatore Fiorillo

Volatility - Volatile memory analysis research
AAron Walters

World of Replicants
Bill Ethridge

A Geek Raised by Wolves
Jesse Kornblum

Andrew Hay’s Blog
Check out the 'Suggested Blog Reading'

e-Discovery Team
Ralph Posey

Electronic Discovery and Evidence
Michael Arkfield

Susan Brenner

Network Observations/Security Forensics
Network Instruments


Forensics Wiki
Created by Simson Garfinkel

Computer forensics
From Wikipedia

Sanderson Forensics/Digital-Detective
Registration Required

[Computer] Forensics
From SecuriWiki

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Ben Wright said...

E-discovery reflects the natural collision of technology and legal practice. As an enterprise creates an ever-growing mountain of records, adversaries of course want access to it. Knowing that litigation and e-discovery are inevitable, an enterprise can use technology proactively to make records more benign. What do you think? --Ben