Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New to me legal tech blogs

Litigation Support Industry: Business News and Information Blog: Business information about the litigation support and electronic discovery industry. Including acquisitions & mergers, funding news, significant business successes, new alliances, product announcements and relative links. Please feel free to forward news worthy information to Brad Jenkins

The eDiscovery Paradigm Shift: The rapid increase in the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has dramatically changed the fabric of the litigation lifecyle and caused a subsequent paradigm shift in eDiscovery and Computer Forensics. This Blog is dediciated to providing a forum to discuss all of the evolving best practices and new technologies that are emerging in an effort to support this new paradigm.

Florida E-Discovery
: The state of electronic discovery in Florida.


Industrial TFT LCD said...

Very interesting post.

Rob said...

Hi alice,

I think the scariest thing about the litigous matters to do with data, is exactly who owns it and who should have access to it.

If information rests on your own servers, then it seems to me that the problem is self contained. However, as soon as businesses use third party services or even the humble e-mail, a large trail of information stretches across the globe.

Who owns it? How is it governed?

seems a minefiled to me!

Alice said...

If it is on your servers, it is "discoverable", if it isn't, then it becomes problematical. Who controls the data indeed.