Friday, June 27, 2008

Enterprise search, a non-existential endevor

Mark Hall alerts us to a new study coming out from AIIM on enterprise search. It seems that because companies store data in so many places, or "silos" as we say in IT, it is necessary to use multiple search engines to find anything. Ideally, companies should build content management systems that would eliminate, or at least reduce silos.

The coming storm of litigation may speed up this process.

Note - Hall points to Carl Frappaolo's interesting Taking AIIM blog.

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Dan Keldsen said...

Alice - thanks for pointing out Mark's article/blog post. I hadn't been alerted (google, where art thou?) to the post.

Carl and I work together - I have a separate blog, where I'm covering similar topics as well. Find me at

To your comment - absolutely agree. Providing meta-layers to content is a great way to unify the Findability experience. Could use a portal to unify multiple front-ends into one "pane of glass," or federated search to take a single query and run it across multiple search engines, or, as you state, implement ECM to pull distinct silos back into one location.

Many ways to go about it, but siloed search... definitely not the best way to go about it.