Monday, March 18, 2013

When control gets out of control

Having a PR C risis? There's Probably an App for That
Indeed, brands want more control over what appears on franchisees’ Facebook and Twitter pages. Ray Wert, co-founder of automotive marketing agency Tiny Toy Car, said rogue messaging often damages brands in his space. 
"Many crisis communications issues are caused on the sales front," Wert said. "Carmakers are looking for tools to help dealerships be good social media actors." Software providers, take note.
As a PR pro, I am not enthusiastic about centralized control. Time is one of the most important element in crisis management. Letting a situation simmer while senior management decides how to respond gives a minor discussion in social media snow ball into a major PR disaster. Sometimes a swift response from a worker bee is the best way to calm a social storm. I am trying to think of a major PR crisis that was caused by a rogue franchisee or low level employee, and I cannot think of one. However, I can easily name a hundred PR disasters precipitated by the actions of senior management. It is difficult to believe that trying to control the social media of franchisees it going to enhance engagement with one's customers.

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