Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Online reputation management in action

Shashi Bellamkonda saw a post on Twitter referring to the allegations that Network Solutions has been caught front-running domain names. His explanation:
I found out that we have started protecting all domain name searches at Network Solutions by holding the searched domains for our customers for a short period of time before releasing them. This gives our customers the opportunity to register names later without fear that the name will be registered by a “Front Runner.”(Have posted some background info on ” Front Running “ below).

We did this because we heard customers complain that queried domain names are being snatched up by other people as soon as they searched. Network Solutions makes sure its search data is secure and we do not sell it any third party. I know that Network Solutions has no intention of keeping any searched domain or monetizing it.

This an excellent example of online reputation management. It works because Sashi has a good online reputation with 751 followers on Twitter and 26 inbound links on Technorati.

This is a perfect example of making friends online BEFORE you need them. It is important to respond swiftly to such controversies and to have a credible platform from which to do so.

Edit -
Small Biz Technology takes my view.
Corporate Social Media Rep = Ombudsman


Anonymous said...

You're assuming that their reputation can be salvaged, and that the front-end work is seen as anything but deceptive.

I know one thing - I wouldn't want to be in Sashi's shoes!

At this point, IMO, he is either in an uncomfortable position he's been put into by his employer, or has his neck on the block for speaking-up.

Regardless of Netsol's reputation, I think his has probably been ruined.

One has to ask if his previous posts have been genuine, or just trying to establish a reputation. I reviewed his previous comments on WebMasterWorld, and they are of such a general nature as to be basically content-free.

A real person, or a burnable identity?

Alice said...
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Alice said...

There is such a thing as naive cynicism. Sashi is a real person (I have met him), and has a good online reputation.

But what would I know, I am a professional flack.

Shashi Bellamkonda said...

Hi Alice,

Thanks for your post. Just wanted to agree with you that I am a real person. Joined "Joined Webmaster World in :Dec 23, 2003" never for a moment imagining that one day my day job would be this new gig.



Andrew said...

I too can vouch for the fact that Shahsi's a real person. Netsol is a better company with him there, doing what he's doing, so I don't think his neck is on the chopping block. Better still if he's putting some feet to the fire at the executive level at NS.