Monday, January 14, 2008

Citizen generated content and the end of silence

Buzz Bin
This use of fake advocacy groups is a common practice here in Washington, and is usually done in deep secrecy. Companies, issues-oriented advocacy groups, trade associations and politicians fly under the radar, while they try throw mud from a distance. While giving compelling cases, you should always dig a little deeper to see who comprises these advocacy groups.

The Orwellian names taken on by fake front groups is a joke among the locals here in the nation's capitol. Although everyone knew what was going on, for whatever combination of reasons, everyone went along with these Potemkin groups.

Political bloggers have no such patience. Exposing sock puppet comments are a sport among amateur bloggers. Nor are fall guys going to be sufficient to appease political blogs. The charm of a political blog is going after the biggest target you can, just ask Walmart.

The way to work social media is to take an agricultural view. Think in terms of cultivation rather than manipulation. Use blog search tools such as Technorati, Blogdigger, etc., to identify your friends and them reward them. Encourage your employees and subcontractors to blog. Above all, consult with a credible expert on social media.

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Geoff_Livingston said...

Great take on this important issue.