Saturday, January 05, 2008

The productivity of wasting time

Justin Thorp has a fascinating post about Twittertale, a diverting Web application that allows you to see who has the biggest potty mouth on Twitter.

It is not difficult to see that Twitterdale could be tweaked to measure who is talking the most about your client, or your client's industry. This could be a valuable tool communications professionals. This is a small example of the sort of tool that comes out of the serendipity of social media.

Perhaps cracking down on perceived Internet abuse is not a good idea.

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Doug said...

You must have been listening to our conversations while building twittertale, haha.

On Monday we hope to launch another site that takes the same technology however address a completely different topic. We think it is more practical and ultimately could prove to be a powerful tool come next fall.

We are very interested in talking with PR, Marketing and other communications firms about using this technology to help them track the popularity of their campaigns.