Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AIIM StratML Committee

AIIM adopts StratML

The AIIM Standards Board has announced that it is adding Strategic Markup Language (StratML) to its standards program of work. AIIM, based in Silver Spring, Md., is an enterprise content management association.

Owen Ambur, former senior architect at the Interior Department, and Adam Schwartz, a program analyst in the Program Management Office at the Government Printing Office, oversaw development of that schema, which is designed to encapsulate strategic plans, performance plans and performance reports in a format based on Extensible Markup Language, the association said last week.

January 10th saw the first meeting of the AIIM StratML committee. It opened with Betsy Fanning describing the AIIM’s standard’s process. I learned that AIIM is the US representative on the International Standards Organization Technical Advisory Group. If you want to influence the industry standards in this area it is necessary to participate in this group.

Adam Schwartz opened his presentation with a brief explanation of what StratML is, from my notes: StratML is a mark up language and schema for strategic plans as well as performance plans.

StratML creates a system whereby an organization can track its plans and measure performance. It was created to comply with the Government Performance & Results Act of 1993. This calls for, amongst other things, a publicly searchable database of federal government strategic and performance plans and progress reports. Although private organizations would probably not want to make their plans public, such a language would have obvious value for their internal planning and review.

The should the standard created by the committee be accepted by AIIM, it would then be submitted to the International Standards Organization, so the work of this committee will have far reaching consequences for the entire industry.

One of the committee members asked if StratML could be related to XBRL, but there was some feeling that might be taking on too much.

The core schema has been created and incorporates GEFEG XML. Mark Logic has created a search prototype, a password in required.

AIIM members who are interested in participating in the work of this committee should contact Betsy Fanning, Adam Schwartz, or Owen Ambur.

StratML Wiki

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