Friday, January 04, 2008

Explaining federal contracting to the public

Nick Wakeman
The mainstream media and the Washington Post in particular catch a lot of grief for the way they cover government contracting. They focus on the negative, make overly broad generalizations and lack context, or so the complaints say.

One issue I've had is that the mainstream press doesn't do enough explanatory journalism, where they take the time and space to break down an issue.

Precisely what is preventing contractors and the trade associations from setting up their own blogs and making their case directly to the public?


Marc Hausman said...

My take is that contractors have been slow to launch corporate blogs because: 1) their target customers in the public sector have yet to truly embrace social media; and 2) the classified nature of many of there contracts makes it difficult to address certain issues in an open environment.

At Strategic, we're just now standing up a corporate blog in support of re-launch campaign for emerging contractor that primarily serves federal civilian agencies.

Marc Hausman

Alice said...

Congrats on the launch of your blog. Certainly the federal civil service are using social media, the CDC blog, the Library of Congress blog, the USPTO Peer-to-Peer patent review, NIEM, the XMLColab wiki, and others.

Even if you do classified work, there is much you can talk about publicly, otherwise the publications of the Army Times Publishing Company would not exist.