Monday, January 07, 2008

IPv6, Federal agencies meeting the letter, not the spirit of adoption

How feds are dropping the ball on IPv6
For the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) IPv6 mandate, agencies "didn't really have to deploy it. They only have to be capable of it," says Dave Siegel, director of data services product management at Global Crossing, which has one federal customer of its IPv6 service.

Capable of, but not deploy? What a great example of fed speak.

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Dave Siegel said...

Yep. In Washington lingo, it's the moral equivalent of a non-binding resolution. :-P

To say that your WAN has to be IPv6 ready doesn't mean that any of the PC's on the network have to be communicating with v6, or even have IPv6 configured as a protocol. It just has to be "ready to use" IPv6 just in case, for some reason, IPv6 needs to be turned on.

You're right! That's Fed Speak for ya!