Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to use Twitter to hype your FOSE exhibit

Step one: Set up a Twitter account and subscribe to some feeds. Check DC Technology Network for good local tech feeds.

Step two: Follow the conversation so you have a feel for what works.

Step three: Start tweeting about you booth. If your company is participating in any of the conference panels, tweet about that. Tweet about which products are going to be featured. Tweet about the individuals at your company who will be working at the show.

Step four: Tweet about your partners who will be showing at FOSE, share the buzz.

Step five: Tweet about setting up for FOSE, how the booth is put together and the ideas behind your presentation.

Step six: Tweet throughout the show, what happened at the booth (NEVER use names without permission), what it is like to work at the show.

Step seven: After FOSE issue some after the show tweets.

Edit -
Jeff Hurt talks about his experience using Twitter while participating in the American Society of Association Professionals (ASAE) three-day online conference for small staff associations.

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