Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Where buzzwords come from


Harbor’s new study, "Connecting to Your Future: The Networking of Every Manufactured Thing", finds that the Pervasive Internet is unleashing an age of “living intelligence” enabled by networked devices, and companies are creating new business opportunities for themselves and their partners. These new business opportunities are quite different from traditional product development roles. Harbor Research has identified four major new ways to organize a business: the Embedded Innovator, the Solutionist, the Synergist, and the Aggregator. Knowing which business model to use and how to use it are becoming increasingly important for maintaining a competitive market position. Companies that can master these skills in the near-term will be strategically positioned for growth.

Analysts love to invent buzzwords. They can invent these terms and charge money to explain their meaning to the rest of us. Why do we put up with this?

Buzzwords confuse prospects, lose sales and are the leading cause of PowerPoint poisoning. Presto Vivace was founded to liberate our industry from the grip of buzzwords.

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