Thursday, July 19, 2007

Employee relations

On July 3 Barclay Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Capital BlueCross, wrote an email about Sicko and how the company should respond. On July 6 that memo appeared on Michael Moore's website.

The Louisville Eccentric Observer asked Humana employees for copies of internal memos concerning Sicko, and was duly rewarded with three memos, all written in corporate PR speak.

What is remarkable is not merely that such memos were leaked, but the speed with which they were leaked. Happy employees do not do such things. Proud employees do not do such things.

Sicko is currently the ninth top grossing film in the country. It is playing at 756 theaters, as compared to the number ten film, Ocean's 13, playing at 1,244 theaters. What is even more remarkable is the number of theaters showing Sicko has been increased since its initial release. Usually it is just the opposite.

This is not just another movie.

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