Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kim Hart at the New Media Nouveaux Conference

Photo from the Buzz Bin Interview

At the New Media Nouveaux Conference, Kim Hart said that she reads blogs, uses them for sources, and, “would be lost without them.” She said that the Washington Post is trying to find news ways to grab reader’s attention.

Hart said that press releases no longer work, that phone calls don’t work, and advised sending a link. This indicates that professional journalists take the same view as bloggers, they want a sentence as to why their readers would be interested and a link to the material.

Her words confirmed my view that blogosphere is fast becoming Off-Broadway to the newspaper’s Broadway. Certainly for new product launches by small firms it makes sense to place your story in a series of blogs and then contact the reporter with proof of public interest.

Nick Mudge made the same point when I interviewed him for Global PR Blog Week. Blogs are driving the technology debate.


Geoff_Livingston said...

And thus arises the micropitch (analogous to Twittering!).

Alice said...

Excellent point!