Thursday, July 12, 2007

Government contractors wake up to controversy

Clinton, Obama draw ire of contractors group
Contract Services Association says Democratic front-runners are taking potshots at government contractors

As I have said before, by the time a politician uses your industry as a political whipping boy, you are already in serious trouble. It means that public opinion has already become so negative that there are votes to be had by going after you.

The judicious use of social media can go a long way in turning this around. The Contract Services Association should create an aggregator, similar to the World Bank’s. They should also encourage their members to launch blogs. It is far easier to demonize a company if can be portrayed as a massive borg or evil CEO. Much better to have thousands of individual employee blogs such as Sun or Microsoft.

They also need to learn when to back off:
In 2005, CSA was one of five organizations within the CODSIA to pressure the Defense Acquisitions Regulations Council to back off or re-write certain provisions in regards to trafficking in humans when under Defense contracts over-seas.

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