Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bad news for hacks is bad news for flacks

Exclusive: Charting 4-Year Circ Plunge at Major Papers
NEW YORK In just four years the top newspapers in the U.S. have collectively lost about 1.4 million copies in daily circulation, E&P has found. But since the reported numbers come out every six months, the overall decline for individual papers may not hit home for many. Each fall off is usually in the low- to mid-single digits -- but it sure adds up.

In an atmosphere like this editors and reporters will take fewer chances on less than box office stories. It will become harder and harder to place clients.

A bad sign. A very bad sign.

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Kevin said...

it amazes me how few PR people seem to understand this connection.

that said, there is a lot more to PR than just media relations. so the vultures are circling the publicists while we have to learn to work with fewer tools in the chest.