Friday, March 21, 2008

Moving in an wired world

Gabe Goldbberg, Washington Post
For the more common situation, a move involving an existing layout, prepare by mapping rooms to receive computer or electronic equipment, showing walls, doors, windows, phone/cable/Ethernet jacks and electrical outlets. Plan furniture placement and where to connect. Don't get caught with jacks or outlets behind immovable furniture.

"A well-designed home has furniture placement worked out," said Jonathan Lathrop of Have Truck Will Haul Moving Service in Prince George's County.

He said that you can generally tell where the architect intended to put furniture by the outlet placement. A living room's long wall with outlets on both ends is meant for the sofa; cable jacks are usually on the opposite wall for TV.

If you ignore these intentions, your creative arrangements may require extension cords, cables or even rewiring.

Of course, plug in extension cords before placing furniture. "Extension cords with flat plugs don't stick out from the wall if you need to put furniture against an outlet," Lathrop said.

Lathrop is the best mover in the area. My family and friends would not consider using anyone else.

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