Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Washington Post discovers information sharing

National Dragnet Is a Click Away
Those network efforts will begin expanding further this month, as some local and state agencies connect to a fledgling Justice Department system called the National Data Exchange, or N-DEx. Federal authorities hope N-DEx will become what one called a "one-stop shop" enabling federal law enforcement, counterterrorism and intelligence analysts to automatically examine the enormous caches of local and state records for the first time.

Government Technology
had this story two years ago. Considering that the Pentagon was attacked on 9/11, that the Brentwood Post Office was the one the places affected by the anthrax attacks, that the solving the Beltway Sniper case required unprecedented multi-jurisdictional coordination, you would think that the local editors would take more than academic interest in information sharing.

Well, at least they are beginning to write about it. Maybe in a few years they will discover the importance of Computer Aided Dispatch systems capable of exchanging informaiton.

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