Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Everything is dead

We are told that the press release is dead, email is dead, voice mail is dead, and today brings us another edition of advertising is dead.

There is one, and only one way, to guarantee visibility in the publications you want with the visual presentation you want. Buy the media real estate. Advertising remains the best way to get your company before the public.

PR is everything from how you answer the phone, to the associations you join, to customer service, to your relations with the press. PR stands for public relations, it has to do with your company's relationship to the public. It is not a substitute for marketing and advertising. Incidentally, the press really don't like it when you send advertising copy under the guise of a press release, they want you to buy advertising. It's how they stay in business.


Eric Eggertson said...

It's easy for someone to assume, from all the talk about "earned media" that all advertising is Old Skool and ineffective.

Thanks for the reminder that messages sometimes need to be delivered through the front door.

Alice said...

thanks for stopping by. there is not substitute for advertising, anymore than there is a substitute for PR.

Lallt said...

If you're not looking at every channel -- from print, TV, banners &c. to publicity and interactive to the signs in your lobby and the voice that answers your phone -- well ... you're not having a conversation so much as shouting or begging your customer.

And you kinda deserve what you get.