Sunday, July 27, 2008

Truer words were never spoken

PR Rule #1: People who are telling the truth about themselves do not insist on being ‘off the record’


Anonymous said...

Sorry, as much as I agree with your sentiment, this just isn't so.

Some people -- many, in fact -- could lose their jobs by speaking to the media without the approval of the higher ups.

So I might want to help a reporter and let him know, "Hey, we had a really bad quarter because of that awful product launch," but I certainly don't want my name attached to it. Ergo, "Off the record."

Alice said...

You have to look at the big picture here, as a reader, how do you know that the source is someone inside the company saying they had a bad quarter because of the rotten product launch, how do you know it isn't some short seller gaming the market?