Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging on the cheap

BL Ochman has an excellent post on the limits of blogging, shorter version, it is not for every company. She goes on to say that companies must be prepared to spend significant money on blogging. Here I must dissent.

It is my view, which I argued with some force at the Technology Council of Maryland, individual employees should be encouraged to blog, or Tweet, or whatever they prefer. The collective impact of numerous individual employee blogs is far greater than any corporate blog that could be devised. The role of the professional communicator in all this is to advise on blogging platform, develop appropriate guidelines and then let employees run with it.

The Microsoft blogs are a perfect example of this. There are hundreds of Microsoft blogs, my favorites include .Net DevHammer, Brian Noyes Blog, Jonathan Cogley’s Blog, and Justin Burtch’s blog. While not all of them are kept up to date, collectively they give a reader a feel for Microsoft culture.

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