Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How can you add a 2.0 media room to a website?

Start with your present media room. Are your press releases still in PDF format? Your first priority should be to change the to HTML. Ideally each press release should have tagging icons at at the top or side of each news release (the same way news organizations use social tagging). Photos, in a format suited for news publications, will encourage news organizations to use your stories. Do not use iStock photos in your media room, use actual photos of your personnel and company events.

Use categories and tags to assist navigation.

If you have more than one video, establish a theater room. Videos can be used to illustrate technical concepts.

Make your presentation notes and slides available in the event section of your website before your events. Give each slide presentation its own link and use tagging in the event that readers wish to tag individual presentations.

Wherever you use social tagging you should also use Sphere It; this will enable site visitors to see what others are saying about your releases, which will encourage them to join conversation about your company. It will also convince journalists that your company is newsworthy.

Above, never forget the basics, contact information should be at the top of each news release, name, direct phone number, and email. It is surprising how often otherwise excellent companies forget the basics.

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