Monday, September 29, 2008

Google makes it look easy

Google Goes to Washington, Gearing Up to Put Its Stamp on Government
"Sometimes they'll look at us and say, 'But what do you actually sell?' " said Mike Bradshaw, Google's head of federal sales, who has sold technology to the government for IBM and Microsoft.

Their answer is nothing. Well, nothing entirely new, anyway. Google wants agencies and the firms working with them to give "cloud-computing" a try. That means, for example, using Google Maps and Google Earth to visualize massive amounts of information, or using Google's search tool to organize internal data, and storing that information on Google's servers "in the cloud." The enterprise versions of the tools, which come with extra storage and security features, cost around $50 per user, per year.

Obviously Google does a great deal, they just make it look easy. They are one of the most successful companies offering cloud computing and clearly they are going to do very well with it.

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