Monday, June 14, 2004

The Health Insurance and Healthcare Marketplace

Lloyd Brodsky will speak to the Entrepreneurs and Consultants Special Interest Group of CPCUG this coming Saturday. From the announcement:

Congratulations! You've made the jump into a business of your own. Now, what should you do about health insurance? If you have COBRA coverage, it won't last much longer. And, if you're healthy, the policy COBRA guarantees is almost certainly not the best buy. 

There are many health insurance options. The goal of this presentation is to teach you enough about how health insurance works, what it costs, how to get it, and what happens if you don't have it to enable you to make informed choices on what to buy when financially stressed during business startup. 
Speaker: Lloyd Brodsky has a doctorate in health care management and management information systems from Sloan, the business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although most of his career has been in areas other than health care, Lloyd's most recent health care position was at Physia, where he was in charge of requirements analysis and the technical staff. He has also been a software engineer for the Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group, a consultant to Travelers' Insurance, and a professor of health care information systems at the University of Colorado.

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